The Friend of my Friend is my Friend

Three days ago a friend of mine asked me for help for the daughter of her former assistant. The daughter, Tressa, received a kidney replacement from her dad more than eighteen years ago. Recently, doctors determined that the kidney is losing function and Tressa will face another transplant. My friend asked for my prayers and those of the people who read my Tweets and FaceBook page. She also passed along a request from the family: help find a Type O (or Type A) kidney for Tressa. That is the purpose of this post.


It was obvious from the number of addresses on the email forwarded by my friend that Tressa’s family reached to the far corners of their contact lists asking for prayers and explaining the need for a compatible blood type for the kidney donation. I was asked to take the information one step further by posting on the Special Intentions sites. If we learned anything from the ALS ice bucket challenge last summer, it’s that social media spreads the word exponentially and going viral is a good thing. Tressa’s situation needs to reach further than the limits of any one person’s address list.

Tressa lives in New Jersey. She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin and friend of many. She is a working mom, showing up at her job each day despite her health issue. She is a financial partner in her marriage, helping to bear the high costs of education and the normal living expenses of a family of four. She needs a Type O or Type A kidney. Her sister is also Type O but unfortunately, not a match. The family recently learned of the Alternative Living Donor Program which allows anyone A, B or AB type to donate a kidney on Tressa’s behalf and she in turn receives an O type organ. They are exploring this as an option.

If anyone reading this is willing to be tested as a possible donor, please send your contact information to me via the comment section for this blog. Your contact info will not be posted but will be forwarded to the family.

Not everyone is able to be a donor, but we can add our prayers to Tressa’s and those of her family for a match made in heaven.

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