Somebody’s Son

When one of my sons made it clear he wanted to play college football, many people offered me advice: “Don’t let him do it”, “He could blow out his knee”, “He could get seriously hurt”, and, my personal favorite, ” What’s the point? He’s not going to the NFL.”  I listened, nodded and usually responded with, “Let’s see what happens.”  Once in awhile I said, ” Somebody’s son makes it to the NFL.”

He did play college football, didn’t blow out his knee, and didn’t go to the NFL.

But a teammate went on to play for the Tennessee Titans.

I was right – somebody’s son makes it.

There are sons who make headline, sons with high profiles, and sons with celebrity status. Think President Obama, Bill Gates, and Brad Pitt.  There are sons who change the world. Think Thomas Jefferson and Jonas Salk.  All these men were odds-beaters who dreamed big, worked hard and captured a prize.

Today, think about somebody’s son who

  • is a newborn in the intensive care unit
  • is the doctor caring for fragile newborns
  • is homesick at camp
  • gets bullied at school
  • is being deployed to Afghanistan
  • is returning from Afghanistan
  • dropped out of high school
  • is the first in his family to graduate from college
  • lost his job
  • is entering rehab for drug abuse
  • is researching cancer drugs.

Some have struggles that are obvious.Some may struggle with emotional or psychological issues.

All of them, in their own way, are trying to beat the odds.

It can be done.   After all, there once was a kid named Derek Jeter who was just somebody’s son playing Little League baseball in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Make somebody’s son your special intention.

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10 Responses to Somebody’s Son

  1. Debbie Mozal says:

    Take a chance, you will acquire wonderful friends along the way, WE certainly all did!

  2. Elizabeth Martin says:

    Derek Jeter when to St. Augustine grade school with my children in Kalamazoo. St. Augustine now has the most beautiful play ground thanks to Derek. He grew up in a lovely family and it was a pleasure to follow his life. He is good to Kalamazoo to this day.

  3. Nita says:

    Since I live near a prison I often offer up a prayer both for those incarcerated and their families. After all they are still someone’s son, father, brother, uncle, nephew, etc., even if they did turn down the wrong path, and their families still love them. ~Nita

    • spec2022 says:

      Nita – Thanks for your perspective on Somebody’s Son. You are 100% right and many of us forget to think about those in prison in that light.

  4. Frank Alexander says:

    Don’t forget to offer up a prayer for all the sons that have aborted. Think what they might have accomplished had they been born.

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